How to Hire the Best Employees for your Firm

It costs so much to hire and train new employees today. That makes it especially important to hire the right people. Employee orientation is a good time to give your new employees all the facts and data about who you are, what you believe in and where you are going. Be sure to share past stories of both success and failure during orientation as well. Don’t be afraid to be transparent.

“New employees will appreciate your willingness to be real. This can also provide them with a good time and place to make sure they are a good fit for your company,” says Javier Loya, CEO of OTC Global Holdings.

OTC Global Holdings in Houston, Texas, is the largest independent OTC commodity brokerage in the world and has been successful in this area for years.

Though you do want to present a “wow” impression, it’s important that your employees realize that you are human. Let your employees know that your company strives for excellence, but it is still not there. You’re looking for great people to help you achieve that goal.

Some professionals recommend making fun of work. In other words, create such a positive work environment that employees love coming to work. They suggest that happy employees make better parents, husbands, wives and friends. There’s a vast library of great reading to help employers create such a positive work culture that their employees become more productive citizens in general.

Javier Loya grew up in El Paso, Texas and now lives in Houston, Texas with his wife and two daughters. He the founder and co-CEO of OTC Global Holdings, the largest independent OTC commodity brokerage in the world. He graduated from Columbia University in New York and is a minority owner of the Houston Texans football team.