The Need for Managing Online Reputations: A Case Study of ReelShort, Commense, and Telemedia Holdings

Online Reputation Management has radically grown in significance in the modern world, primarily because the online reputation of any business has a direct impact on consumer trust, brand perception, and financial performance. This paper aims at a critical discussion of the very nature of ORM through the lenses of the three companies: ReelShort, Commense, and Telemedia Holdings.

Establishing Trustworthiness and Credibility

ORM is an essential tool in building the much-needed trust and credibility between the customers and the company. ReelShort is a video streaming company that thrives purely on the count of customer reviews being positive and works towards attracting and then retaining such users. The fact that negative ReelShort reviews have eroded customers’ trust and pulled away customers is a bad indication for the company, which is further cited to have poor monetization strategies and annoying ads.

Brand Reputation

The only sustainable way an e-commerce company, such as Commense, can differentiate itself from competitors is through good branding. Although there was no breach of security, the damage had already been done with the bad press and negative Commense reviews. That said, it indicates the importance of a proactive ORM approach toward protecting brand reputation and customer trust.

The Effects on Company Income

Negative reviews on the internet can directly lead to a reduction in the profits of a company, depending on the size of the company. For example, claims of fraud were lodged by customers for one of Telemedia Holdings’ shows. In comparison, a huge public relations hit was not created by the negative Telemedia Holdings reviews as the company was quite large, but such comments from negative reviews would cause much more harm to smaller businesses.

Summary: Proactive Reputation Management

Proactive ORM consists of active customer engagement, timely issue addressing, and leveraging press on positive notes. It is through this vigilance and responsiveness that a good online reputation can be created for businesses that aim to satisfy their consumers. Examples of ReelShort, Commense, and Telemedia Holdings point to the importance of ORM in today’s world. In short, businesses that invest in ORM are able to enhance credibility and trust, protect brand reputation, and reduce financial implications emanating from bad reviews.