How to Help Struggling Businesses

It’s tough to stay focused on the job at hand and continue to move forward with your business plans with such negative forecasts barraging us daily. However, things do seem to be improving in the business world. It seems our best ammunition against the doom and gloom reports we hear each day is a positive mindset.

Despite all the global shortages of consumer products that we all need and use every day, there’s still plenty to be hopeful about. Listen to this quote from Create Abundance by Zhang Xinyue:

“Be profoundly grateful, discover miracles, dig deep into your selfhood, and praise the High Spirit! This is the secret about abundance.”

Zhang Xinyue is a spiritual teacher and mentor who works with business leaders. She believes that empty talk without deciding is not spiritual growth. Miracles happen when we act. Even in the worst financial times in history, there were still people brave enough to step forward and proclaim abundance.

Xinyue reminds us that much of the forces in the cosmos are invisible to the naked eye.

You cannot see atoms, but think about the power of an atom bomb?

Instead of agreeing with doom and gloom reports, we must look to the hopeful indicators of financial recover and let that encourage large and small companies to move forward with their business goals.

Zhang Xinyue mentors business owners who need consulting or advice. She and her team believe in using all the resources the universe has provided for us to succeed in life and Create Abundance.