A simple strategy to avoid negative feedback

Negative feedback can be disheartening as it can reduce online ratings while indicating to future customers that a product/service is not up to standard. Although negative reviews are common and part and parcel of doing business, directing negative feedback to a central, controlled location can make all the difference. This means that companies can address negative feedback quickly and avoid future customers from seeing the review altogether.

This simple strategy will involve either emailing a customer after every purchase or adding a note with the product/service that directs them to a central email or contact number. The message could thank the customer for their purchase and tell them that the company can be reached on the said email or contact number for any further assistance.

This simple step can help the customer reach the company as soon as an issue arises and avoid public posts on social media and other customer review websites. However, it is still important to create profiles on other platforms as it will help the company identify negative reviews as soon as they happen.

Private customer review websites such as Revdex.com, Yelp, TripAdvisor, and BBB offer companies and customers to communicate on a neutral platform. Companies can easily check their reviews by following their daily notifications. Removing fake reviews is easy as companies can directly contact the admin of the site for assistance.

This simple strategy can help small to large businesses as it helps to improve communication channels while strengthening customer relationships.

Revdex is a new online business directory. Consumers can post a review for any business, even if there is not an existing profile. Businesses can create their own profiles and respond to reviews. Revdex tries to provide a positive experience both for consumers and businesses.

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