How to avoid negative online reviews

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Customer complaints on social media and review sites have increased as customers make more purchases online. Good reviews are a great way to boost sales, while negative reviews can discredit a business, especially if the complaint was mishandled.

Although bad reviews are common, good business practices can minimize negative reviews and reduce their impact on your business.

The customer is always right – Listening to a customer complaint followed by a resolution in the form of compensation, can leave a positive impact on a dissatisfied customer.

Make it easy to complain – If a customer wants to complain, make sure that they have easy access to a contact number or an email address that directs them to a customer service representative. Taking the conversation off public channels will provide the business with better control over the situation.

Respond – Ignoring negative feedback will only make the consumer angry, which can result in additional negative reviews on multiple platforms. Creating auto-replies that request customers to contact a customer service hotline can help companies control bad reviews from going public. Always thank customers for their negative feedback by offering a solution to their problems. A closer look at business procedures can help to reduce the reoccurrence of similar situations.

Improve your customer service procedures – Focusing on improving a business’s customer service procedures will train staff to handle customer complaints with self-confidence. Effective training programs will additionally offer creative ways to calm customers which will reduce the need for writing a bad review.

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