Four Smart tips for eating healthy on a tight budget

Article Written by : Future Finance Solutions

Although you may be on a tight budget, eating healthy can ensure that you save on hospital bills and live a more fulfilling life. Here are some healthy eating tips for those who are on a tight budget.

Buy fresh produce when it’s in season and freeze it – Most healthy recipes will call for a lot of healthy vegetables and fruits. However, most of these will be affordable when they are in season and be three times the price off-season. Therefore buy vegetables and fruits when they are in season and freeze the excess. Look for sales and plan meals accordingly – look for special offers at your local grocery. Start by signing up for free emails, coupons, and discounts. To make the most of the lower prices, make sure you check the deals in store via the store’s website before you do your weekly shopping.

Try less expensive cuts of meat – Cheaper cuts of poultry and meat can cut your shopping bills by 30%. To make the cheaper cuts taste better, use different cooking methods that will make these cuts softer and add flavor.

Embrace whole grains and beans – Grains and beans are easy to store and cheap. Look at grains like quinoa, freekeh and brown rice, to bulk up your meals. You could also look at beans as a good source of healthy protein. For example, look at adding black beans to your mincemeat dish to add quantity and taste.