5 Ideas to make a busy mom’s paycheck last longer

Article Written by : Simply Credit Help

It can be difficult being a busy mom and having to juggle many responsibilities at any given time. Making your paycheck last longer will, however, give you the peace of mind of not having to worry about not having enough money. Here are five tips on how to make your paycheck last.

Bump up your take-home pay – If you have started a family and have not updated your W4 form, this may be the time to do it. When you update your form, you will have less money withheld from you on your paycheck and your taxes.

Get on a daily budget – After you have paid your rent, utility bills, and child care, you should budget your leftover money carefully. Divide your lump sum with the rest of the days left and try to stay within that daily spend. If you overspend on one day, look to cut back on the next few days.

Your coffee habit – Your latte before work can cost you $4 a cup and can add up to $400 a year. Instead, buy yourself a flask and take your coffee from home.

Do some repairs – There are things that are best left to the professionals, but for small repairs, you can always consult Google and look for simple solutions that can save you a lot of money.

Stop spending because due to guilt- If you spoil your kids with expensive toys and outing to make you feel better about not spending time with them, you should stop. Instead look at making more time in your day for your kids. Wake up earlier and spend time with your kids before they leave to school or organize a fun day of baking at home.