3 Best Stocks in 2013 So Far

Ever since the lows of 2009, the stock market has shown decent improvement by almost 19% this year.

Yet with issues such as the debt ceiling debate as well as speculations about the Federal Reserve changing policies, we can expect anything to happen.

That said, there are a number of stocks that have scored big points, and will not be touched by bigger economic issues as mentioned earlier.

So, here are the 3 best stocks of 2013:

#3: Micron Technology

Micron stock has been a favorite of Wall Street in 2013 and for the reason that it has demonstrated a turnaround from ‘poor’ to ‘fair’ in recent times. In fact, the company has been struggling to break even for the past 2 years but all this will change with the next quarterly report.

Even though the future seems uncertain, their stocks might go even higher if they continue to beat expectations.

#2: Best Buy

Even if e-commerce competition has caused Best Buy to suffer, the company has managed to reduced profits by slashing costs. It will register profits for the first time since 2011 and will continue to build its earning at a modest 8% hereafter.

But it looks like Best Buy will keep things up since earning have been improving, thanks to some noise made by founder Schulze regarding a private takeover.

#1: Netflix

Netflix surprised everyone in 2013 when they posted a surprise profit even if Wall Street wrote them off. Bearing investors were also forced to sell their own positions since they were shorting the stock driving its value higher.

But that wasn’t all – the show “Original House” with Kevin Spacey won an Emmy award which proved that they didn’t just excel in subscriber growth but also in content creation.