How Construction Delays Are Holding Your Project Back

Summary: Construction delays are not always avoidable, so it’s best to know about the different types. Here is a simple explanation of the different categories.

Construction delays can be the ultimate downfall to a construction project, whose success or failure largely depends on the project schedule, and whether or not deadlines are met. Both the construction contractors and project owner are negatively affected by delays. Construction contractors will pay employees who do not complete work as the delay goes on, and the risk that prices of materials will rise is present. The project owner will incur the costs of not using the property for the original purpose. There are three categories of delays, as follows:

Excusable vs. Inexcusable Delays

As expected, excusable delays are those that are out of the construction contractor’s control, such as unpredictable extreme weather or design flaws. Inexcusable delays, then, are those that are avoidable by the construction contractor. Poor supervision, improper scheduling, and inadequate staffing are examples of this. In the end, however, the construction contract determines what is an excusable delay and what is inexcusable.

Compensable Delays

When the fault is placed on one party, the non-faulted party may be compensated monetarily or with the addition of time to complete the project. With excusable delays, contractors are usually compensated with more project time, often resulting in additional payment. With inexcusable delays, owners may be compensated by payment in the amount of damages incurred.

Concurrent Delays

Concurrent delays occur when both parties are found at fault for a delay. These do not typically result in monetary compensation, but often will include additional time to complete the project.

Construction delays are inconvenient, at least. This is why knowing your contract and what is excusable or inexcusable makes a big difference when they occur.

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