The Purpose of a Construction Expert Witness

A construction expert witness can be a valuable asset to help win a legal case.

The job of an expert witness includes many facets. The ultimate goal of any expert witness is to assist one side in proving their case, but they don’t usually have any investment in the case itself. Somewhat like private mediation, where a mediator is supposed to be impartial and help judge a matter without consideration for what either party has at stake.


Most of the time, an expert witness is brought in to help explain something complex to a jury. Their job is to put evidence into plain language and provide some information that can be used to support litigation. They may also have the task of verifying evidence, providing their expert opinion that something is true to their knowledge. Experts can be certified, but typically have a proven track record that helps verify them as an authoritative voice within a particular industry. Construction witnesses, for instance, would be expected to understand how interim short term management services can improve efficiency for a site, and whether a project manager was remiss in his duties by neglecting to retaining one.

Expert witnesses are held to extremely high standards, especially in criminal and penal cases. They are expected to remain impartial and have been used to help advocate a position in the past.

Expert witnesses can also be requested by the tribunal, or by the judge, in order to verify evidence that may seem unclear. This is common in construction litigation, where extensive chemical testing may be required to discern the quality of materials used.


Lyle Charles Consulting is a firm that specializes in expert testimony for construction projects. Lyle Charles is certified as a structural steel expert.