How to bail out your troubled business

Written by Lyle Charles

There are two types of distressed construction companies, there’s one that’s flushed with cash but whose outlook looks bleak. The second, is a construction company that staring down the barrel of a gun, waiting to die its natural death should another botched project happen. If your company happens to be one of the two previously mentioned, you’re going to need more than just a Construction claims consultant to get your company out of the woods. You are going to need real and concrete gains that will make your company profitable again. Otherwise, you might as well just cut your losses and call a spade a spade. So, how does one bail out his troubled construction business? First of all, you will need to identify the main cause of your problem. Is the problem rooted on your cash flow? Or are you experiencing tremendous losses that you are no longer able to sustain your operation? Whatever the problem is, you’ll find that it’s upper and middle-level management that will be able to turn the tide in a losing battle. If you simply can’t solve the problem yourselves, then you might want to think about getting consultants and independent parties that are able to produce results for you, give you advice, and make sure that you know what you have to do in case you find yourself stuck in a hole. Profitability is your goal, and your workforce is your army. You need to have generals that are able to give proper orders so you can win.


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