Construction Consultants Mission

A construction consultant offers long term services, managing all aspects of a construction project, or interim short term management services like personnel and supply challenges. This role is crucial to contractors no matter what experience level they may be, because every project is different. A consultant’s services are related to their experience level. You’re not just paying for a mediator. You’re paying for someone who has dealt with challenges similar to yours, and knows how to face them. Here are the duties of a construction consultant.


Consultants deal with analysis of materials, personnel, design and production schedule. Their job is to find areas where improvements can be made for efficiency, or to stay under budget. They also manage construction & turnaround services, including the equipment and manpower used on site. They also help handle the bookkeeping involved in construction, including making note of materials purchased and helping to segregate those purchases. This helps projects stay under budget, but acquire quality materials that will last for many years.

Accident Management

Consultants are also tasked with helping to prepare disaster avoidance plans related to the many potential hazards present on a construction site. They will help identify the causes of accidents, and establish protocol for what to do when an accident occurs.

Litigation and Beyond

Consultants can also help in the litigation of cases related to construction practices. Their knowledge of the field gives them “expert witness” status, and they can represent what happened during the dispute accurately. Hiring a consultant is a great move to keep your project on track for the long term.


:: Lyle Charles is a construction consultant, and claims analyst, with experience expediting construction claims. For more information on processing construction disputes, contact Lyle Charles Consulting.